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Bible college is not right for everyone, but then what one thing is? Some people do not see Bible college as being all that significant. Others protest that it is simply a waste of time and money, but Bible colleges fill a niche and are foundational to worldwide revival. Indiana Bible College is not just a school about religion; it is four action-packed years in which Apostolic doctrine is intertwined into every aspect of the student experience. From the classroom to the streets, Indiana Bible College is about revolutionary education, ministry and application. So what should you expect during these four years of proclaimed “action-packed” experience?

First of all, expect to be challenged. From the first day of classes all the way through graduation, IBC will challenge you to aspire toward higher heights and to dig your roots deeper in to the Word of God. Indiana Bible College will challenge you to shift your thinking upward to Kingdom principles and methods. It will challenge you to step outside of complacency and will stretch beyond levels of familiarity, making you a stronger part of the Kingdom of God. In the classroom, expect not only to be taught but also to be provoked into answering questions about who you really are and what you believe. It is the aim of Indiana Bible College to challenge all of the students who walk through our doors to think through real life issues for themselves, all the while keeping God in the forefront. It’s great to have questions, but at Indiana Bible College you will find answers – answers that will revolutionize your walk with God and your life’s mission.

During these ‘action-packed’ years you can also anticipate ministry. As an IBC student you will have the chance to be a part of great ministry opportunities, each of which presents its own unique dynamics and has its own set of learning experiences to conquer. The IBC Ministerial Student Association (MSA) gives students the opportunity to minister in established churches and be mentored by the great pastors of our movement. Jesus’ House, Bread Run and Tent Revival ministries allows you to get in the trenches working with at-risk children and families in need. Through these and the many other ministries of IBC, you can expect to put into practice the lessons you are learning in the classroom. Indiana Bible College provides you with the training and opportunity to get out there – to preach, to sing and to use your talents.

You can expect to not just talk about ministry but to experience it. Indiana Bible College believes in the practical experience of ministry so much that we have dedicated an entire week to it. IBC REALITY WEEK is ministry at its most basic level: meeting needs, praying with people and pointing them to Christ. Classes are taken to the streets. The entire student body takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people on their level, at bus stops, in stores, at parks, in Starbucks, at the library and to homes. Throughout REALITY WEEK, IBC students set up home Bible studies, invite people to church and tell people about God’s love. Simple concept? Yes. However, REALITY WEEK is a powerful experience for both those hearing and those sharing God’s message. At the end of REALITY WEEK Indiana Bible College sets up church in the middle of Indianapolis on downtown Monument Circle. Worship resonates for blocks from the Circle, and draws quite a crowd; this enables students and Calvary Tabernacle members to witness to those who may otherwise be unreached with the love of God.

At IBC you can expect to be inspired by an outstanding faculty comprised of pastors, preachers, musicians, and educators. People who have proven themselves, accomplished great things, and are now pouring themselves into students on a daily basis both in the classroom but also in small group settings with one-on-one mentoring. You will be exposed to many aspects of the ministry of our President Paul D. Mooney – his dynamic preaching at Calvary Tabernacle and in Chapel Services, his unique teaching (he teaches several classes per semester), and his special way of creating memorable moments in any setting.

At Indiana Bible College you can expect music to be woven into the fabric of every aspect of campus life. From IBC Chapel to MSA; from the sounds of our Annual Live Recording to Music Festival; at IBC music is a vehicle to communicate the Gospel message of Apostolic Truth. You can count on expanding your talents vocally or otherwise by trying out for many of the small groups representing Indiana Bible College. IBC Music Festival affords you the chance to interact with some of the Apostolic movement’s greatest worship leaders, musicians, vocalist and recording artists. You can expect to be required to practice and work on your skills that God has given you. In addition to your musical training you can anticipate having a strong emphasis on spiritual character.

You can expect to make friendships that last a lifetime at Indiana Bible College, friendships that are tested and proven true. Even if you do not like them at first you can be sure that IBC has a way of making lifetime friends out of would be enemies. When talking to Indiana Bible College Alumni, you can expect to hear that the friends they met in Bible school are still among their closest friends today. You can also expect fun at IBC both in the classroom and the cafeteria; at the ping-pong table, the volleyball court, the amazing gym facility, during choir practice warm ups, or even during chapel when Bro Sleeva leads worship on top of chairs.

You can expect Indiana Bible College to provide an opportunity for those called of God that cannot be found in a secular institution. You can expect IBC to create a community of like-minded peers who challenge, shape, critique, dream and pray with each other. You can expect Indiana Bible College to position Bible-believing teachers in your network of supporters. You can expect IBC to enable you to hone talents God has given and discover new ones you did not know you had. Indiana Bible College builds faith. It casts vision. It is everyday. It demands commitment to truth. It is fun. It is work. It is discipline and discipleship. Indiana Bible College is a place where you will be tested; where you can work through fear, doubt and failures; where you overcome. It is a place where you can dispel that last bit of uncertainty and nail down who you are and what you believe. Indiana Bible College is revolutionary.

Challenge, music, ministry, inspiration, experience and friendship are just a few things that you can expect to find at Indiana Bible College, but you have to find out for yourself. There is no greater way of knowing than finding it out for you. So what do you expect? We expect to see you.

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