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I Believe in North American Youth Congress

18th June

Sheaves for Christ (SFC) is the fundraising ministry of the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International. Since its inception in 1953, over $124 million has been raised to fund missions and ministry around the world. While SFC is very global in its focus and impact, it also has a great impact right here in North America. The General Youth Division and each of our respective ministries would not exist without the investment of local churches through their support of SFC. District youth ministry would cease to exist without that same support. Simply stated, SFC is vital to the current success of UPCI youth ministry and also to the future of our movement.

One the most successful and impacting efforts of the GYD is North American Youth Congress (NAYC), the premier youth conference of the United Pentecostal Church … Read More »

The Real McCoy

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21st November

For over sixty years the General Youth Division (GYD) has paved the way in fundraising for the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) through Sheaves for Christ (SFC). The purpose of Sheaves for Christ is reinforced by the motto of the UPCI: the whole Gospel to the whole world by the whole church. This year $4,394,006.04 was raised for the offering, allowing for the first $1 million allocation to Global Missions. Sheaves for Christ not only supports Global Missions but many other sponsored ministries including Apostolic Youth Corps, Bible Quizzing, Tupelo Children’s Mansion, and North American Youth Congress.

For the past several years, the GYD has developed the Real McCoy contest. To qualify, a student must raise at least $1,000 for SFC. This year, the GYD invited thirty-six Real McCoys to St. Louis for the weekend in honor of their $100,000+ … Read More »

Real McCoys: Class of 2015

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7th November

The Real McCoy Class of 2015 features thirty-six students who raised $117,382.93 for Sheaves for Christ! We honor these amazing students! For more information about the Real McCoy contest, please visit sheavesforchrist.com.

The Real McCoys below are listed in alphabetical order according to their district:

Alabama Andrea Strang, age 15, $12000, Thomasville, AL
Arkansas Lauren Castile, age 16, $5300, Cabot, AR
Atlantic Shelby Urquhart, age 19, $1101.85, Hatfield Point, NB
British Columbia Daniel Lind, age 16, $1500, Nanaimo, BC
Canadian Plains Caleb Alexander, age 14, $8664.85, Fort McMurray, AB
Connecticut Alex Perry, age 17, $2000, New Haven, CT
Georgia Nikita Duffus, age 16, $2865, Conley, GA
Idaho Abigail Murphy, age 12, $1532.38, Boise, ID
Illinois Michael Fisher, age 16, $5223.63, Cutler, IL
Indiana Emily Russell, age 18, $2035, Muncie, IN
Iowa Hunter Pauley, age 17, $1400, West Des Moines, IA
Kansas Jacob Rose, age 19, $1449.13, Salina, KS
Kentucky Houston Knox, age 14, $2413.83, … Read More »

2015 Youth Day

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27th September


Over one million dollars to Global Missions.

Thousands of students, young adults, pastors , ministers, and saints of God worshiping in the Music City Center on Friday.

It was a record year and a banner day for the General Youth Division (GYD). Every Friday of General Conference, the GYD hosts Youth Day to minister to Apostolic students and connect with Apostolic pastors. This year’s Youth Day was a powerful service from the countdown to the altar call.

Ashley Leppo and her team led us in worship. And the first worship set led us to the good news where our Sheaves for Christ dollars were allocated. All the car washes, bake sales, bike tours, walk-a-thons, spaghetti dinners were worth it as Sheaves for Christ was pledged to the following ministries:

Global Missions $1,107,291.58
North American Missions $387,000.00
Tupelo Children’s Mansion $100,000.00
Bible and Christian College scholarships $38,000.00
Lighthouse … Read More »

Real McCoys: Class of 2014

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11th November

The Real McCoy Class of 2014 features thirty-seven students who raised $116,500 for Sheaves for Christ! We honor these amazing students! For more information about the Real McCoy contest, please visit sheavesforchrist.com.

The Real McCoys below are listed in alphabetical order according to their district:

Alabama Andrea Strang, age 14, $11,000.00
Arkansas Meredith Drake, age 14, $2,000.00
Atlantic Heidi Hughes, age 22, $2,146.00
British Columbia Jalayna Warner, age 22, $1,915.30
Canadian Plains Blaine Covill, age 23, $9,200.00
Colorado Faith Dalsted
Connecticut Alex Perry, age 16, $2,020.00
Georgia Connor Clutts, $2,505.00
Illinois Shaela Dagner, age 16, $3,048.86
Indiana Emily Russell, age 17, $1,120.08
Iowa Hunter Pauley, age 16, $1,010.00
Kentucky Rayleigh Marvin, age 16, $6,295.33
Louisiana Kristin Whistine, age 17, $6,360.00
Maine Daren Dame, age 17, $8,500.00
Maryland/DC Chiara Carroll, age 15, $5,064.00
Maryland/DC Camryn Staten, age 13, $2,222.50
Massachusetts/Rhode Island Daishawn Barros, age 16, $1,500.00
Michigan Bethany Kuzma, age 16, $2,426.00
Mississippi Katie Potts, age 16, $1,175.00
Missouri Hallie Allen, age … Read More »


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