Real McCoys: Class of 2016

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The Real McCoy Class of 2016 features forty students who raised over $110,000 for Sheaves for Christ! We honor these amazing students! For more information about the Real McCoy contest, please visit

The Real McCoys below are listed in alphabetical order according to their district. You’ll read who they are, where they’re from, how much they raised, and how they raised it. Meet the Real McCoy class of 2016!

Alabama Andrea Strang; $5,000.00; Thomasville, AL
Alaska/Yukon Tyler Dartt; $1,500.00; Fairbanks, AK; part of paychecks, donated savings, painted the inside of a garage, worked for a cleaning company, worked for parks and recreation, mowed lawns, donations from family
Arkansas Brianna Kelso; $2,506.00; Trumann, AR; bake sale, move-a-thon, garage sales
Atlantic Kendra Munn; $2,252.69; Blacks Harbour, NB; part of paychecks, recycling, sold cupcakes, banana bread, and fudge at church, “snac” nite selling sundaes, homemade pizza fundraiser
Canadian Plains Onestie Alexander; $3,240.00; Fort McMurray, AB; bake sale, recycling, wake-a-thon, garage sale, sold clothes at Camp Meeting, sold goods at Urban Markets, and catering
Connecticut Abrielle Dibble; $1,145.00; Wallingford, CT; bake sale, Challenge 31, move-a-thon, sewed and sold pillowcases
Florida Benjamin Geri; $1,250.00; Pensacola, FL; church dinners, family and corporate sponsors
Georgia Conner Clutts; $5,020.00; Lithia Springs, GA; walk-a-thon
Idaho Abigail Murphy; $1,250.00; Boise, ID; SFC coin banks, donated savings, sold candy, yard sale
Illinois Alec Huff; $5,000.00; Silvis, IL; bake sale, church dinners, part of paychecks, donated savings, donations, rummage sale, sold coupon books
Indiana Jesse Hearth; $2,509.00; Bedford, IN; donated savings, yard work, donations
Iowa Charity Croteau; $1,103.00; Centerville, IA; sewed skirts for sale, crafted tutus, special server at Pizza Ranch, sold candy bars at school
Kansas Bethany Ake; $2,138.00; Wichita, KS; Challenge 31, part of paychecks, babysat, social media
Kentucky Amarissa Pullin; $1,050.00; Madisonville, KY; sold t-shirts and Maddie Dree clothing
Louisiana Kristin Whistine; $3,067.00; Leesville, LA; SFC coin banks, part of paychecks, Rada Cutlery fundraiser, garage sale, personal contacts
Maine Kasee Childs; $4,102.00; Lewiston, ME; Challenge 31, SFC coin banks, part of paychecks, donated savings, made things, bottle drives
Maryland Josh Jaen; $2,400.00; Reisterstown, MD; Challenge 31, jazz night at Tonies Habachi Grill
Massachusetts/Rhode Island Adrain Higgins; $1,000.00; Boston, MA; bake sale, car wash, church dinners, singspiration, penny concert and fish fry
Michigan Aleah Fisher; $5,200.00; Grand Ledge, MI; SFC coin banks, recycling, sold jam and salsa, MI26, Bible quizzing quote-a-thon
Minnesota Claire Andrews; $1,200.00; Bloomington, MN; Challenge 31
Mississippi Meredith Drake; $10,007.00; Madison, MS; Project 144
Missouri Anna Drebes; $10,305.00; Palmyra, MO; bake sale, church dinners, SFC coin banks, part of paychecks, donated savings, 5K, hog for a cause, yard sale, sold water bottles
New Hampshire/Vermont Geoffrey Tacker; $1,578.00; Hudson, NH; SFC coin banks, part of paychecks, donated savings, cleaning, pledges, helped as assistant coach for middle school track team, AYC overage
New Jersey/Delaware Gabrielle Plump; $1,327.00; Milford, DE; car wash, SFC coin banks, part of paychecks, youth dramas and talent shows, sold root beer floats after church, corporate, family, and neighborhood donations, babysat my neighbor’s cat
North Central New Jersey Gabriela Aguirre Lainez; $1,219.00; Prospect Park, NJ; bake sale, SFC coin banks, part of paychecks, donated savings
North Carolina Loomis Kammerer; $1,716.00; Jacksonville, NC
Nova Scotia Martina MacCabe; $1,500.00; Truro, NS; Challenge 31, part of paychecks, donated savings
Ohio Seth Gardiner; $1,700.00; Columbus, OH; SFC coin banks, part of paychecks, bike tour
Oklahoma Makayla Robles; $3,016.00; Oklahoma City, OK; bake sale, car wash, move-a-thon, bounce-a-thon, donut deliveries, turkey deliveries
Pennsylvania Brittany Edge, $2,170.00; Schuylkil Haven, PA; bake sale, Challenge 31, part of paychecks, donated savings, sold items on consignment, yard sale, made Oreo and brownie truffles
South Carolina Dazjuan Butler; $2,650.00; Sumter, SC; SFC coin banks, part of paychecks, donated savings, money designated for a missions trip, worked for my mom and others
South Texas Isabella Reynolds; $1,000.00; La Marque, TX
Southern California Julia Reyes; $2,501.00; Monrovia, CA; bake sale, recycling, donated savings, chores, Frito boat sale
Tennessee Chandler White; $2,266.00; Nashville, TN; donated savings, yard and house work, asked friends and family for jobs, sold my belongings, donated all personal savings, refinished furniture, several group fundraisers
Texas Breleigh Mann; $1,800.00; Dallas, TX; Challenge 31
Texico Jared Hobson; $6,764.00; Odessa, TX; painted addresses and/or custom artwork on curbs, lawn work
Washington Alyssa Alanis; $1,772.00; Battle Ground, WA; Challenge 31, church dinners, SFC coin banks, donated savings, babysitting, sold tamales, fruit cups, and enchiladas
West Virginia Alexis Coleman; $1,255.00; Tornado, WV; Challenge 31
Western Corbin Mongolo; $1,000;00; Reno, NV; church dinners, donated savings, sponsorships, door to door donations, cleaned a basement, sold nachos at church
Wisconsin Jacob Zimmerman, $3,000.00; Madison, WI; bake sale, part of paychecks, asked for donations, SFC tip jar at district canteen during camps

We’re very proud of the students above for their sacrifice and effort to raise funds for Sheaves for Christ. On November 4-6, these Real McCoy winners from each district across North America were flown into the World Evangelism Center in St. Louis, Missouri for an exclusive weekend with the executives of the General Youth Division. To learn more about the Real McCoy contest, or to apply for next year’s contest, please visit

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