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I Believe in North American Youth Congress

Posted on June 18th, by LJ Harry in Sheaves for Christ, Youth Congress. No Comments

I Believe in NAYCSheaves for Christ (SFC) is the fundraising ministry of the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International. Since its inception in 1953, over $124 million has been raised to fund missions and ministry around the world. While SFC is very global in its focus and impact, it also has a great impact right here in North America. The General Youth Division and each of our respective ministries would not exist without the investment of local churches through their support of SFC. District youth ministry would cease to exist without that same support. Simply stated, SFC is vital to the current success of UPCI youth ministry and also to the future of our movement.

One the most successful and impacting efforts of the GYD is North American Youth Congress (NAYC), the premier youth conference of the United Pentecostal Church International. Thousands of youth and young adults attend this meeting and are exposed to inspirational preaching, teaching, singing, and great fellowship! NAYC takes place biennially in North America and is anticipated with much excitement by young people and youth workers of the UPCI, as well as other Oneness Pentecostal organizations.

We experienced a record-setting crowd of 19,000 at the 2015 Youth Congress. During the event there were many interactive elements where the entire crowd was participating—communion, Anthem flags being waved, glow sticks, mini instruments, mantles descending, prayer cloths distributed, and more. We also experienced a powerful atmosphere of anointed singing and worship, Bible based preaching and teaching, and Apostolic ministry—healing, deliverance, and Holy Ghost outpouring.

While we facilitated the use of exciting, cutting-edge technology and media, we were intentional about maintaining our focus on the spiritual dynamic. There was more worship and preaching than special effects and promotion. Our goal for NAYC is to strive for a level of excellence in every aspect while maintaining our Apostolic identity and fulfilling our purpose. Efficiency and effectiveness is our motto—do the thing right, and do the right thing.

I believe there are several keys to the continued success of NAYC: an unprecedented passion and hunger for God in our young people, prophetic destiny upon this generation, a season of positive momentum in our organization, and pastors who trust in the direction, vision, and fiscal management of our UPCI leadership. Social media and the Internet have changed everything when it comes to promotion. This medium generates interest, expectation, anticipation, and excitement. It also enables us to connect our vision to the teenagers and young adults we are trying to reach. We also have a great General Youth Committee. This team is made up of district youth presidents and GYD ministry directors. They are passionate, anointed, talented, and doing an incredible job on the district level.

While there are many preaching conferences specifically designed for leaders and saints, North American Youth Congress is really one of a kind in its size and scope. Even with technology making event media readily available, nothing can replace being at NAYC in person. Within this generation there is an openness to diversity. They don’t see background, ethnicity, color, or social standing. They see other Apostolic Christian young people like them who want to experience the same things they do. This perspective creates a powerful atmosphere of unity and expectation. I believe that this has really been a key to the continued success of Youth Congress.

We are anticipating a historic North America Youth Congress in 2017. I believe there is prophetic anointing upon this generation and this event. Those in attendance can expect a dynamic atmosphere of faith, intense expectation, and a powerful spirit of unity. There is a generation rising up who is very committed to a biblically defined relationship with God and are very interested in an Apostolic Pentecostal experience. They want what the disciples and the early church in the Bible had. NAYC will be hosted in a massive dome, and we are expecting the largest gathering of Oneness Pentecostals for a single event in North American history.

All of this is made possible because Sheaves for Christ enables the General Youth Division to coordinate and facilitate this event. Thank you for your support of the GYD and North American Youth Congress through your faithful and sacrificial support of SFC. #IBelieve #SFC16

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Ensey, Michael

Michael Ensey joined the General Youth Division team in January of 2010 and was elected General Youth President in 2013. He is from the great state of Texas where he served as youth pastor and assistant pastor at Living Way Church in Conroe, TX, and as Texas District Youth President for seven years. He is married to the gorgeous and talented Rebecca Ensey (she’s from the very cool city of Seattle, WA), and is the proud father of two awesome boys, Lincoln Michael and Grant Mason, and one beautiful princess, Avery McKay.

Michael is passionate about student ministry and considers it an amazing privilege to serve the teenagers and young adults of the UPCI. He believes this generation of Apostolic Pentecostal youth are committed to loving Jesus Christ and living the truth of the Word of God, as well as being anointed and positioned to dynamically fulfill their mission to reach their world with the gospel. He spends his free time enjoying his family, reading, playing golf, interacting on Twitter, and running marathons.


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