NAYC13 Wednesday Night

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“Speak for Yourself”

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time again: Ladies and gentlemen, North American Youth Congress has finally arrived!

Vans, buses, and cars journeyed from all across the country to the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky to attend the long-awaited “Gravity” themed event. The team at Insideout and the General Youth Division would like to issue you a formal welcome to NAYC 2013. Get ready for an incredible, life-altering few days. We are about to show the “KFC Yum Center” how to really host an event. So how about it, young people, who’s ready to turn this city right side up, and let our lives and what lies inside of us to be seen both inside and out? We may have traveled long and over many miles, fund-raised, and lost. countless hours of sleep; but the truth remains, we all came with the same intention in mind. Yes, we will have fun, make friends and create memories we will never forget, but we cannot not forget the real reason we have all gathered here: HIM.

There was awesome showcase of talent in the group division of the North American Talent Search. Also, one event that must not go un-noted is the outstanding presenation of the many Bible Quizzers that gathered for finals a few days prior to Congress. Teams from states all over the country have chosen to devote their time, efforts and ulitmately their futures to this beautiful Word of God, which we also heard about in tonight’s amazing message. Along with this presentation, we were introduced with something new called Quizzering, which is the new “planking, or tebowing.” All the cool kids are doing it! After hearing the necessity for a love of God’s Word from Bro. Ryan O’Neil for Bible Quizzing, the same message was presented to us in the preaching of that beloved Word.

Our very own General Youth President opened up with message that spoke to the hearts of so many. It was an age-old sermon, grounded in truth, and expressed in a way that we should share with every person we meet. It is essential that we never forget that this salvation has to be personal and that we must never forget the vitality of the Word of God. It’s real, it is not a fabrication, and it is for everyone. We must be more than thankful for it, we must be willing to share it.

In John 9:18, which was the text from which Bro. Mann delivered this sermon, we read of how the the blind man’s parents were asked how their son had been healed. They responded with telling them to ask the man, and let him speak for himself. The truth is whether you realize it or not, your voice is being shaped right now by the things you expose yourself to the most. Are you being exposed to the things of this world or the things of His Word? It’s time to develop your own convictions. The days of living on the coat-tails of your parents and leader’s are over.

We can never take for granted the fact that it all started with the Word; not a nice stage, not cameras or social media. It started and it will end with the Word. We’ve got to get back to what works, we’ve got to get back to the Word. It is where you find your voice. Bro. Mann exhirted us to encounter the Word of God and the God of the Word. This world needs truth, and as an Apostolic, Holy Ghost-filled individual, you have what it takes.

“Tolerance is the word of the day,” stated Shay Mann. A lot of times, even as Christians, we become so numb to mundane and monotonous life-style we have always lived. We must not only know and love the truth, we must be willing to contend it, just as we read in the book of Jude. Truth must always be spoken in LOVE. Love is the method, truth is the message! It’s hard to say you’re
truly showing love to someone if you’re not sharing the truth with them. It is non-negotiable. This Word is not harsh or judgmental. It is pure, it is raw, and it is revolutionizing and vital. If the question hasn’t changed, neither has the answer! You can’t attain knowledge to answer a math problem in a science book. Shay Mann urged the youth of this generation to learn this truth from its original source. We’ve got to not look to just A book, we’ve got to look to THE book.
We are called to be separate. Separation is not about isolation, it’s about sanctification. Light and darkness are not similar, they are completely different. We are to be the light; in the world but not of it.

Bro. Mann challenged the North American youth to come of age and find their own voice. We need to realize that everything that can be shaken, will be shaken. Stand for Truth, pure, unadulterated Truth. As the saying goes, “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” Let it come alive and become real to you and in you. Buy the truth and sell it not, yes; but give it freely, daily and with love.

Youth congress has started off in an incredible manner, but the fact is, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for what God has planned for rest of this week.

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