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NAYC13 Project 22:39

Posted on August 9th, by admin in 2013. No Comments

The students of the UPCI are ready to change the world! Well over 500 students and chaperones signed up to be a part of Project 22:39. Through giving and going in the downtown area and metro parks, they showed the spirit of Matthew 22:39 which challenges each of us to love our neighbor as ourself. Several community service projects were carried out and an instant impact was made in the city of Louisville, Kentucky.

Many students at NAYC were also showing love by donating to a canned food drive called ‘FEED the HUNGRY’ all throughout the week. This food drive will go to help Dare to Care Food Bank in Louisville feed the hungry in the metro area. Last year Dare to Care helped over 192,000 different families in the Louisville community, and we are proud to partner with them to bless hungry people.

It was really our goal to have a lasting positive impact on the city of Louisville at North American Youth Congress through Project 22:39, and I believe we have done that. The WHAS 11 news cast was at one of the locations to cover the great work being done by the students, and will be airing it on the local news and online. They were very impressed as was Louisville Mayor, Greg Fischer. Mayor Fischer stopped by the YUM Center to greet the volunteers who would be working in the downtown area and thanked them for their service.

From 2:00pm to 4:00pm today some terrific people from all over North America blessed the city of Louisville. It was really wonderful to see God’s love on display through students who were activating their testimony! We are so thankful for the hundreds of students and the incredible team leaders that made this possible. There will be many great stories and memories for everyone involved.

To see photos of this event make sure to check out the General Youth Division’s Facebook Page. We will also be including pictures on the Project 22:39 – Louisville 2013 Facebook page. We are asking students who participated to share their stories about Project 22:39 on the Facebook timeline. The Twitter handle is @Project22_39.

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