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InsideOut: What was your favorite food when you were a child?
Jason Staten: I have always been a fan of food in general, but I think my favorite food as a child were my mom’s enchiladas. She would always make our favorite meal for our birthday, and I requested that every year.

IO: What sound do you love to hear?
JS: I have a few sounds I love to hear. The laughter of my daughters is definitely among my favorite. The Sound of a camp meeting altar call is also a sound that’s hard to beat.

IO: What chore do you absolutely despise?
JS: Taking the dog out to use the bathroom.

IO: If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be and why?
JS: You know…I think 36 is a pretty good age. I have been privileged to work as the MD/DC youth president for eight years and my 37th birthday this July will call me to move out of this capacity of ministry. I greatly enjoy working with the GYD and the youth of our district, so I wouldn’t mind getting stuck at 36.

IO: If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, whom would that be?
JS: My dad. Thankfully, I get to do that quite often. There is never a time I talk to my dad and leave uninspired. He is the real deal, authentically in love with souls, and it bleeds through in his every day conversation.

IO: Your message at Youth Congress left a deep impression on us. What inspired it?
JS: I am blessed to be surrounded by people who love the Apostolic message and have given their lives for it. My parents have demonstrated so much faith in God and such a deep love for the Apostolic message and the life-changing power it possesses. My brother is a missionary to the Republic of Georgia, and both of my sisters are deeply involved in ministry. I really desired for the message to call this tremendously talented generation to a place where they focus on the lost and fall in love with truth. Regretfully, I have seen many get distracted by trivial matters and end up walking away from the Apostolic message. I know that is a long response to a very straight-forward question, but truthfully, all I stated inspired the message.

IO: Did you always know you would be a preacher?
JS: lol…Well, as recent as a few days ago, I question my effectiveness as a preacher. In all seriousness, I have always loved preaching. My greatest heroes are not ball players or movies stars but the elders of the United Pentecostal Church. Even as a young child, I loved how an anointed preacher could paint pictures with their words and unwrap a life-changing message. So…in short, I always dreamed of being a preacher and am grateful God has called me to be one.

IO: When did you realize you were called to preach, and what steps did you take to prepare for that?
JS: It was in a youth camp at the age of eleven when I first truly felt the call to preach. My dad would give children an opportunity to “preach” on Wednesday nights, and I still remember my first message—”There won’t be any ice-cream trucks in hell”. Thankfully, our church really cheered us on and made me feel like I had just preached the greatest message ever. I’m thinking about recycling that message 🙂 I also became a student of preaching, listening intently to preaching and eliminating distractions. And I have sought out men who are great preachers and asked for their counsel, advice, and instruction.

IO: For someone who is feeling a burden or call to ministry, what steps would you advise them to take?
JS: Submit to your pastor. Any calling that is too big for a covering is dangerous. 2) Be the loudest Amen and the first hand clap for others who are preaching. It’s not just about making noise, but it is about agreeing with the Word of God. 3) Have an imagination! If the message God has given to you is going to come alive for your audience, it must first come alive in your mind and your spirit. 4) Stay humble. There is nothing more irritating than arrogance in ministry. Don’t promote yourself. Trust God to place you where He wants you.

Pastor Staten serves as the Living Hope Senior Pastor as well as focusing on the Launch Purpose. He and his wife Valerie ensure that Living Hope is consistent in equipping and empowering Living Hope leaders both now and for the future. Together, they have four beautiful daughters: Brooke, Camryn, Riley, and Dakota.

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