Your Dream Job Awaits

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Your Dream Job Awaits
As young adults, we often find ourselves searching and praying for the right job. You may also find yourself searching “available positions in ministry.”

When it comes to working in your church, sometimes you just have to take what you can get. This may sound scary because you may think you know what God has called you to do, but there is not really an opportunity right now for that specific position. Chances are God wants you to wait. He wants to see if you are truly allowing yourself to be a willing vessel. Ministry is NOT about you. It is about serving God and others. You are simply a tool that God has hand-picked, and sometimes that’s a tough pill to swallow; it’s also known as humility.

In Bible college I learned that many times when a student comes to their pastor and tells them they feel called into ministry, the pastor will hand that student a toilet brush. Although it is a funny and odd visual, this is not to mock or discourage the student. It is simply a gesture to see if they are ready to serve, no matter the position or place. We don’t all get a toilet brush handed to us (thank God, right?), but what would you do if you did? Would you throw a fit and complain that you’re not behind a pulpit holding a microphone in front of a class or congregation? Or would you take it and obey?

It may seem silly at first, but you never know what God can teach you while you’re (figuratively) scrubbing toilets. I have found myself many times working in a ministry I thought was “smaller scale” than what I felt called to. It did not take long for me to realize this was how God was preparing me for my future. Never take an opportunity to serve in any ministry for granted. It is a privilege to serve God, and we should feel extremely blessed that He chose us to do His work; to be His hands and feet.

In the Bible, we learn about Joseph in the later chapters in book of Genesis. An unfortunate event led Joseph to be a slave and even a prisoner to the highest powered man in Egypt. Ever since Joseph was a young boy, his father knew he was destined for something greater, just like many of you may feel for your life. Hold on, it’s coming. He may have had to (literally) live through other people’s dreams before he could claim and experience his own. Joseph had a genuine willingness to be used. He was eventually promoted to being friends with royalty and his life was blessed from there. The Bible even says the ones who doubted and persecuted him in the first place bowed down to him. God took someone lowly and small to lead thousands of people to a better life. He started “scrubbing toilets” before the fullness of his ministry was revealed.

Becoming successful in ministry is not a competition. It should never be about who can speak, teach, preach, sing, play better, or who has a name in our organization. It is about making ourselves available. Ministry involves a huge amount of learning, growth, and an even greater amount of service. At times, God may ask you to do something you don’t really want to do. From experience, I encourage you to trust in Him and His Word. Understand that something greater is coming. Each step in ministry leads you closer to where God wants you to be. You may be thinking ministry is a process? Any pastor, preacher, leader, or teacher will answer “yes.” Not everything you want, will you get.

Be willing. Be consistent. Stay faithful to God and your authority. Your toilet scrubbing days will one day come to an end. The best is yet to come.

Katt, Hannah

Hannah Katt lives in Arkansas and works as a nanny to three boys. Her passions include being involved in worship and kids’ ministry at Calvary Tabernacle in Bentonville, Arkansas; baking; thrifting; and “do it yourself” projects.

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Your Dream Job Awaits

As young adults, we often find ourselves searching and praying for the right job. You may also find yourself searching “available positions in ministry.”