Just Be Available

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Just Be Available
When we read the first verses of the Word of God, we see that in the beginning, there was absolutely nothing. God created the world and the universe out of nothing—there was literally nothing but void and darkness. If God could create such beauty and wonder out of nothing, just imagine what He could create in the midst of what He has now. There was nothing then, but now there’s a church and there are young people who have faith and know how to worship.

There are people who know how to sing and play the songs of Zion that give honor and glory to God. Just imagine what more God can create and do with what He has now! If we would just let God be God and move and speak into our lives, we would see such great things like never before. Revival would explode all over the world; people would be saved, healed, delivered, and restored; lives would be forever changed; lost friends and family members would be in church. Just let God be God in your life and see what He can do.

It doesn’t matter what you might have or not have. It doesn’t matter how qualified you are, or that others have more than you have. If God chooses to work in your life, there’s nothing else that matters. If God could create an entire universe out of nothing, He can do the miraculous in your life. As long as you can worship, as long as you can lift your voice, clap your hands, and shout, have faith that God can do a mighty work in your life! It doesn’t matter whether you can sing, play, preach or not, God can still do a mighty work in your life. He can use you for greatness in His kingdom. He has done it plenty of times before. God still uses people despite qualifications and abilities. You don’t have to be so talented and have all kinds of special attributes because He’s not looking for that; He’s looking for availabilities.

The earth was without form and void. It was just there. Available. Waiting to be utilized. Just look around where you are and you’ll see He did all that with nothing. God can use you at this very moment. God can use you to bring the greatest revival at your school. God can use you to speak a life-changing word into that one person at school who feels worthless. God wants to use your life. God wants to do the miraculous with you. Even if you don’t have it all together, even though you may not come from a background of great men and women of God, even though you may not be the best at everything, God is still saying, “I can use you just as long as you’re available. I don’t need talent or ability. I don’t need you to be more qualified than everyone else. I can take what you have right now and put my anointing on it and mold it into something great!”

God loves you and wants to do great things in your life. The key is to just be available!

Robledo, Rudy

I go to the Pentecostals of Las Cruces with Pastor David Fierro in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I love the Word of God, young people, piano, and bass guitar. I love being an example to my generation as well as generations to come. I want to do whatever possible to be an inspiration to every young person to fulfill their highest potential in the kingdom of God.

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