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2015 Summer Fashion
If I’ve heard the saying once, then I have heard it a thousand times—modest is hottest! To me, those words have always been a little confidence booster as I wake up daily and put on clothes that don’t conform to the pattern of this world. However, when it comes to those scorching, heated, miserable summer months, dressing modest really is HOT! And by “hot”, I mean ninety degree camp rec-time temperatures.

If we are being straight-up honest with each other, I have to admit I sometimes look at my friends and the girls of this world, and I almost envy how more comfortable they look in their immodest clothing. All the while I’m over here sweating like Niagara Falls in my covered up temple.

The frustration of looking holy, feeling confident, and being at a relaxed temperature is most definitely a struggle for me during the weeks of June, July, and August. Thankfully, I have recently found a few places where classy clothes abound, and my wallet doesn’t pay the price.

Thrift stores and vintage outlets are some of the best places to find unique and beautiful summer clothes! Everyone knows the 1940s was the height of women’s fashion. During these years, women paraded around in stunning apparel that permeated class and respect—even when it was hot outside. As a modern day Apostolic young lady, I want my dressing styles to do the same. I want WHAT I wear to show WHO I serve.

By getting on your computer and doing a quick Google search, you can easily find the closest thrift stores and vintage outlets to you. When walking in for the first time, it may seem a little overwhelming, but trust me, it’s 110% worth it. The quality of clothes and sophistication they present is beyond match.

From skirts to dresses, blouses to kitten heels, purses to scarves, the selection is never ending. If you are looking for something fancy for NAYC, they’ve got it! Searching for the perfect cross-body bag to store all your snacks during camp, it’ll be there. Trying to find something unique that will instantly show off your distinctive personality, not a problem. These stores have you covered.

Also, unlike all of the famous department stores, most thrift stores and vintage outlets only have one of a particular item of clothing. Let us all take a minute and praise the Lord for not having every girl in the youth group wearing the same dress we all bought at our local Forever21!

If getting out to find that perfect thrift store seems too hard for you, just try online. One of my favorite online shops for vintage is called The clothes are a little bit pricier than the local thrift store, but the quality and convenience are remarkable.

So this summer, if you find yourself reaching for that same old t-shirt and jean skirt again, take a second look. What you wear does matter and is important to how people view you. The vintage vibe is currently all the rage, and I am totally okay with that! During those old-time eras, women were confident and beautiful. They were graceful in dresses and yet played hard in skirts—and no one thought they were less of a lady.

You are unique, and so is your style. God made you that way so embrace it! Try something new. Take a day-trip with your closest gal-pals to hit up some hole-in-the-wall clothing places, or get online and do some social media shop digging. You just might be surprised what hidden treasure have been hiding in your city (and in your closet) this entire time!

Bethel, Michaela

I am a current college student at Ohio University of Lancaster and attend New Life Christian Center where Gary Keller is my pastor. I’m an active member of ThePlug (a young adult ministry) and serve on the creative team as well as lead two sign teams, Mighty Hands of Praise and SELAH.

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