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You. Go.

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25th January

Feel like you’re going in circles? Tired of the mediocre?

If you’re like me, you grew up constantly daydreaming of faraway places with the desire to see new things! The Eiffel Tower seemed so grandiose and like a dream, towering through the sky in my World History textbooks, but so far from the classroom I was sitting in at that moment. I thought, one day, if I could only get there, I would be satisfied for the rest of my, life and I can go on living normal life here in my small hometown.

In 2009 the time finally came! My cousin called me with overwhelming excitement and told me about the AYC trip to France that was hosted by the General Youth Division. Before we knew it, we booked our flights and paid our fees were paid. It was time!
When … Read More »

Our AYC Trip: Portland

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16th November

Heading into the AYC Portland trip, I honestly did not know what to expect. I was very excited just to have the opportunity to help a North American Missions church reach their city and help out in anyway possible. However, you can never out give God, and I can honestly say I came away from the trip feeling like I was blessed more by the trip than the people we reached/served.

After hearing the stories of the massive revivals overseas, in the back of my mind I had this preconceived notion that through all the hard-work, prayer, and preparation, we would see massive amounts of people come instantaneously. However, that’s not exactly what happened. At first I was somewhat disappointed, but through it all I learned we are often stuck looking through our own eyes instead of seeing things like … Read More »

Our AYC Trip: Russia

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14th September

Mission: Apostolic Youth Corps

Destination: “…unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

Who will fulfill this mission? You!

“And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things” (Romans 10:15).

“The time for your departure is at hand,” said Brother William Turner, field superintendent of Russia, a few days before I left American soil and ventured into the great unknown.

On Thursday night, September 4, 2005, at 11:00 PM, I finally climbed into bed only to be awakened a few hours later at 4:00 AM to finish my packing and make sure my hairdo was going to stay in place for my three-day journey to Russia. As we pulled out of our driveway early that morning, I whispered … Read More »

Our AYC Trip: Switzerland

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24th August

The tram pulled into the stop at Bel-Aire Station in Geneva, Switzerland, and passengers began to step off the tram, pushing their way through the crowd of people waiting to get on. The doors beeped, declaring to all that the time had come to press on. People scurried to make it on in time, sitting in chairs and holding onto safety bars, and their heads jerked back slightly as the tram took off.

Slowly, as if in a dream, a chorus of voices began to blend in perfect harmony as some of the passengers sang softly. “I believe You’re my healer. I believe You are all I need.” The sound grew louder and spread throughout the tram as more and more passengers chimed in.

“I believe You’re my portion. I believe You’re more than enough for me.” Certain … Read More »

AYC Trip to Portugal and Spain

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25th November

My heart is flooded with joy and my eyes with tears as I write this brief account of my AYC trip to Spain and Portugal. Though I don’t believe I could adequately put into words how deeply each individual on our trip was touched, I hope to bring you a brief glimpse into Apostolic Youth Corps.


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